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Marburg: Many benefits for not using a car

Marburgs incentive program

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The city of Marburg is planning an incentive program that encourages Marburg residents to give up their private cars for a year.
With a bonus of up to 1250 euros, participants can use car sharing, public transport and shop with Marburg vouchers.

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The city of Marburg is introducing a new incentive program for environmentally friendly mobility. The idea: with a subsidy of 1250 euros, Marburg residents can use car sharing, travel by bus and train for a year and pay with Marburg vouchers in stores and restaurants. The bonus is paid to people who deregister or get rid of their private car for this period - regardless of whether it is their first, second or third car. This relieves the burden on residents, roads, traffic, city air, trees, climate and private wallets. The economy will also benefit. On Friday, June 14, the city councillors will decide whether to introduce the bonus. The pilot phase with 50 deregistered cars is to start immediately after the city councillors' decision in June.

“The aim of the city's mobility policy is to win people over to sustainable mobility through offers,” says Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Spies. At the same time, the city of Marburg is looking for locations for neighborhood parking garages.

Some vehicles stand unused in the city center for days, weeks or months. This blocks valuable space and makes the situation more difficult for those who depend on their cars. In addition, idle cars cause constant costs - for fuel, inspections, repairs and loss of value. Two to three parking spaces are kept per vehicle, which costs space and money.
This space is urgently needed for climate adaptation, green spaces, trees, cycle paths and more quality of life. In addition, Marburg wants to offer people “mobility without a private car” for a limited period of time and free of charge. The aim is to find out whether a private car is really necessary or whether a combination of car sharing, public transport, cycling and walking is better, more flexible and cheaper.

The bonus of a maximum of 1250 euros per year can be used for the following offers:
a) Climate bonus: 50 euros
b) Car sharing: up to 800 euros
c) Marburg vouchers: up to 400 euros
d) Public transport offers: up to 600 euros (Deutschland-Ticket)

Marburg residents who deregister their car registered in Marburg are eligible to apply. The premium is paid out in two installments - immediately after deregistration and after six months. Only one application can be submitted per household.