18.–21.05.2022 #polismobility

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Everything flows - thanks to smart infrastructure

Cities face the challenge of creating new infrastructures for connected mobility. This is precisely where an enormous opportunity lies, because smart charging, intelligent street lamps, traffic lights, parking and traffic guidance systems keep the masses of people and vehicles flowing.

Due to the growing number of electric vehicles, expanding the charging infrastructure is a top priority. New charging possibilities are being installed in car parks, charging zones or shopping centres as well as at busy mobility intersections, where the people change vehicles or means of transport. If the vehicles are connected to the network for longer, they can also serve as temporary energy storage systems. A further intelligent solution: Charging connectors on street lamps. Incidentally, city lighting also offers further potential for instance by providing Wi-Fi or collecting a wide range of data for instance on traffic, noise or emissions via sensors.

Next charging point: Under the street lamp

City lighting and many simultaneously charging vehicles increase the energy consumption. The answer is an intelligent charging management, which distributes the power available in the power grid to several charging connectors. Ideally solar systems provide renewable energy directly at the place of charging. Beyond this, smart city concepts foresee an integrated usage and the exchange of power and heat between vehicles, buildings and the corresponding network. Forward-looking concepts even use the upper surface of the roads to generate power: Using photovoltaic systems they generate energy that is transmitted to the vehicles via inductive charging.

Searching for a parking spot adieu

Intelligent parking space management makes searching for a parking spot superfluous. Cars will be parked compactly, centrally, autonomously and, where possible, underground – parked cars will to a large extent disappear from the cityscape. With the help of robots automatic car park systems will stack cars compactly on top of each other in order to make maximum use of the space available.

So that all road users can travel conveniently, a smart traffic management system keeps everything flowing optimally. Connected traffic lights fitted with sensors communicate with (autonomous) vehicles, regulate the traffic and ensure energy-optimised travel. Discover the new intelligent infrastructure at polisMOBILITY.