24.–26.05.2023 #polismobility

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Digitally networked

Digital networking: Interface to the future

Mobile communications and 5G, data platforms, artificial intelligence, blockchain: Innovative technologies and digital infrastructures are the basis for a new, urban mobility and the organisation of the urban society – all of which can be viewed and experienced at polisMOBILITY.

The digitalisation is the pre-requisite and driver for new mobility strategies. The digital infrastructure, which is actually what makes the connection of the road users, efficient traffic control and innovative mobility services possible, is of key significance here. The new communication standard 5G as well as broadband data networks, public interfaces and high-performance cloud storage are indispensable for the real-time processing of the data incurred. This also applies for the data platforms for the provision of the collected mobility data, for instance for monitoring the infrastructure maintenance, traffic control, the provision or bundling of new mobility offers – and of course for data security solutions.

Artificial intelligence: A new boost for mobility

Smart devices and apps take over important functions when planning routes and travelling. They inform the users about routes and timetables, navigate them through metropolises and grant cross-provider access to different mobility services. Mobile payment apps take care of booking and payment functions. New mobility services are getting a further boost through artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality systems. AI-based platforms support the intelligent networking of transport systems and transport modes – and thus at the same time also new business models and innovative mobility offers. Blockchain applications also play an important role in the networking as well as in the booking and payment of multimodal mobility offers and sharing services.

Technologies for efficient mobility

Connecting vehicles, data-based mobility concepts, digital traffic planning, autonomous driving, the on-demand availability of transport means, online mobility platforms and apps – digital technologies contribute towards making mobility more efficient and more environmentally-friendly and towards reorganising urban life. One can also discover how these technologies bring urban mobility forward and which application scenarios are promising at polisMOBILITY.

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