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Planning and building

Planning and building: New guiding principle quality of life

New districts, intermodal mobility and the intelligent joint usage of urban spaces: The city of the future is people-oriented and there for everyone. Quality of life is the guiding principle for contemporary urban development, planning and building.

In the city of the future people want to be able to live, work and move around well. The paradigm change from the car-friendly to the people-friendly nice-to-live-in city has begun. Ecological demands, the demographic change, the diversity of lifestyles as well as new forms of working and living together are changing the necessities of life and mobility. The new guiding principle of urban development foresees small-scale and multiuse room structures that create favourable conditions for a sustainable, active everyday mobility with short routes. Essential here: A diversified mobility offer in the district and green, recreational areas.

Benchmark: The human necessities of life and mobility

Car traffic will be relocated to a lower down level to create space for multimodal forms of mobility: Traffic lanes will be built over and covered with plants, districts will be freed from transit traffic. New districts will be built on industrial wasteland and city perimeters – green, barrier-free, connected with a wide offer of citizen services, means of public transport and mobility services such as bike or car sharing as well as plenty of space for people who are out and about on foot or by bike. Car-free and car-reduced residential districts take this idea a step further.

Whereby the amount of space available for new districts is limited. One goal is to reduce the surface consumption in the environs in favour of environmental protection and nature preservation. This is why city planners are tending to utilise the unused potential of the cities more and more: By building in gaps , through the hybrid and reusage of buildings, building on rooftops, the implementation of tiny houses, innovative technologies and construction methods.

In the city of the future rooms will become diversified, and will be used intelligently and efficiently – with the active participation of the citizens in the planning thereof and will provide added value for all. Exciting examples of best practice and innovative scenarios can be discovered at polisMOBILITY.

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