24.–26.05.2023 #polismobility

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Urban life

Urban life: Together for the city of the future

Life in the city is itself always on the move and this leads to an exchange between people, initiative and organisations. The digital connection of stakeholders opens up new possibilities of involving the citizens, of learning from each other, trying out solutions – and bringing urban development forward together.

In cities the manifold interests and needs of different players come together – which is why they are the catalyst for interests, exchange, innovations, hope and conflicts. Negotiating the different interests is an important task of the urban society.

Civic commitment enriches the cities

More and more citizens want to actively co-design their living environment. In the course of personal initiatives they cover areas with plants and develop concepts for climate protection, inner-city mobility or the usage of vacant and derelict areas. Companies, especially start-ups, develop innovative solutions for urban mobility, networking and environmental protection. This manifold commitment enriches urban life and is decisive for the innovative power of cities.

The identification with the urban living environment is reinforced; sustainability, quality, legitimation and acceptance of decisions improved. The administration also benefits from it: By engaging in the direct dialogue on information and communication platforms and via social media, it can react fast and efficiently to impulses and address the concrete problems and needs of the citizens.

New formats for citizen participation

Suitable platforms and participation formats are necessary to push the networking of the city and civil society forward and involve the stakeholders in the decision-making processes: In addition to established formats such as participatory budgeting, civil dialogue and Round Tables, digital collaboration platforms and participation solutions are also called for – real-world laboratories for instance. Here among others transformation processes can be developed, tested and adapted in the city under real-life conditions. Exemplary scenarios and examples of best practice demonstrate how this works at polisMOBILITY.

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