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Vehicles & drive solutions

Active technology transition for precise solutions and innovations

Future-proof mobility solutions call for technological innovation. Individual transport will not disappear with the transport transition, but it will change – as a result of technologies such as e-mobility, carbon-neutral drives or self-driving vehicles and sharing services. Vehicle as a solution is the model for new types of vehicles that are designed to meet future mobility needs and the spatial requirements in urban environments. The automotive industry is striving to open up new fields of business by actively embracing transformation and to create solutions for future-proof mobility.

Electric and autonomous: infrastructure for self-driving cars and vans

Theme Vehicles & drive solutions | polisMOBILITY

Microcars and automated people movers are defining new segments in the passenger vehicle market. The offerings remain limited, and their use is almost entirely restricted to funded projects or regions where finance is available. If these vehicles are really to trigger a transition, equipping them with electric drives will not suffice alone – they must also be autonomous. Alongside regulatory changes initiated by an ambitious economic and structural policy, this calls for a quantum leap in sensor technology, Car2Car connectivity and the computing power of the systems controlling the vehicles.

Mobility in transition: alternative drives in local public transport

Theme Vehicles & drive solutions | polisMOBILITY

The changes are also disrupting local public transport. The diesel engine – still used for the majority of passenger transport journeys today – will gradually disappear as the drive for buses and regional trains. What will replace it? Will fuel-cell or battery-electric drives become widely adopted? What role can a local public transport network based on hydrogen or battery-electric drives play in the local circular economy or raw materials management? And do e-fuels have a future beyond that as an energy source for the current vehicle fleet?

One thing applies to all the solutions: The technology transition must contribute to more sustainable mobility in society. And fundamental questions must be answered before investments are made in depots and facilities, thereby dictating the future course. The challenge is to plan strategically with a technology-agnostic approach while simultaneously developing tailor-made concepts.

polisMOBILITY provides a forum for this transformation and a venue for cross-sector networking by stakeholders in the field of future mobility and its technologies. Our goal is to foster a new multisector vision among market-shaping actors.

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