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This was the pitch!

polisMOBILITY startupPITCH 2024

As a startup, are you actively shaping the mobility transition and want to present your visions, creative ideas and solutions to the relevant decision-makers from politics and industry? That's what this year's polisMOBILITY startupPITCH in Cologne was all about - the ideal networking platform to present your company and your concepts to a tailored specialist audience and enter into dialogue.

Below you will find an overview of this year's participants. Click on the respective logo for more information about the startup. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce this year's jury. We are already looking forward to the exciting input from the start-ups.

These are the winners of startupPITCH 2024

namowo - Nachhaltig bauen

logo of namowo

namowo's vision is to integrate sustainable mobility into the property industry at a low threshold. With automated location analyses and suitable proposals for measures, we develop mobility concepts quickly and efficiently in order to optimise the number of parking spaces. We rely on uncomplicated, digital processing for the preparation of reports. For more sustainable mobility options at residential locations and more liveable cities.

Problem & Solution: All journeys begin and end at home. However, how we travel these routes is not decided anew every day, but is based on routines. Which routines we choose depends on the opportunities that our place of residence offers us. No matter how much a municipality invests in cycle paths, if there is no convenient and safe place to park a private bike at home, we will opt for the car again. The private car can be parked dry in the underground car park, but the next car-sharing vehicle is parked hundreds of metres away in the rain. Due to the regulations of the parking space statutes, building owners often have little choice as to which parking spaces and mobility options they create. They also lack the technical expertise to draw up mobility reports that can be used to integrate sustainable mobility into residential construction.

namowo wants to help resolve these contradictions and make cities more liveable. To this end, namowo analyses the residential locations in a highly automated manner, evaluates the traffic development and generates proposals for measures that are recorded in mobility concepts. These concepts can be attached to the planning application in order to reduce the number of parking spaces to be built and provide residents with more alternative means of mobility.


logo of senf

With Senf.app, we want to rethink digital participation in urban and mobility planning. As an interdisciplinary team from Cologne with backgrounds in urban planning, design, IT and business, we are working to make participation intuitive and inclusive. Our digital solution is designed to make public participation in urban planning projects efficient and simple. With the help of innovative formats, we actively involve citizens and other stakeholders and gather relevant insights for collaborative urban development. Ideas, feedback and opinions can be shared very easily via dialogue cards and interactive surveys.

Problem & Solution: Cities and rural areas are facing major transformation processes such as the energy and mobility transition, climate adaptation and the revitalisation of city centres. An important component for a successful transformation is the participation, acceptance and co-operation of local citizens. However, current participation formats are often not very attractive. With Senf.app, we are taking citizen participation to the next level. With an intuitive interface, an interactive map and geo-based surveys, we enable the low-threshold participation of all citizens in urban planning projects. In addition, AI-supported data analysis and automated reports enable efficient evaluation. In this way, we increase the acceptance of planning projects and provide more insights that enable better decisions in urban planning.

This were our judges

Who won the startupPITCH 2024? Our jury had to answer this question this year. But who was part of the 2024 jury? Below is a brief introduction to the individual members. We want to thank the jury as well as the contestents for taking part in startupPITCH 2024.

Sylvia Lier

Sylvia Lier is Managing Director of TAF mobile GmbH and an expert in multimodal personal mobility. She has experience in the areas of vehicle fleet management / leasing (LeasePlan), platform-based shared mobility (Deutsche Bahn Flinkster, Call a Bike, IOKI) and local public transport (Rheinbahn Düsseldorf). Over the past 15 years, she has been a member of the management board, CEO and board member. Sylvia Lier wants to enable people to be mobile in a good and climate-friendly way even without their own car.

Andreas Krüger

Andreas Krüger has been supporting private and public organisations in the search, selection and development of managers since 2016, particularly in the field of public transport and mobility. He is also a board member of the non-profit organisation and mobility network Mobility Allstars e.V.

Katja Machatsch

Katja Machatsch has been Head of Product Innovation and Product Management at DB Regio since 2021. She is responsible for innovative traveller information and the product experience of integrated mobility. The business administration graduate began her career at DB in 2003, initially at DB Training Learning & Consulting, before moving to the on-board service division of DB Fernverkehr AG in 2010 and to the marketing department of DB Regio AG in 2012. At DB Regio, she is passionate about the simplicity of integrated mobility. Katja Machatsch knows how innovative, customer-centric products are developed across the industry - such as the new replacement service or the capacity utilisation forecast. #Customer #Together #Simple

The contestents



Register with your startup for the startupPITCH of polisMOBILITY. The application phase is over.

Jury decision

Present your concepts and ideas to the professional audience. A jury will judge the entries after the presentations.

Award ceremony

After the evaluation by the jury, the winners will be announced and attractive prizes will be presented to the winners.

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Theme worlds

  • Municipal mobility turnaround
  • Local public transport & mobility services
  • Urban drive system and energy transition

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