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Parking towers for bus depots

Simply stack

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Trucktower relies on stacked parking towers for buses. Parking on up to seven levels saves valuable floor space and enables the interior to be cleaned and e-buses to be charged. Find out more about this idea and the growing interest of the local transport industry.

Visualization of cars in parking towers

© Trucktower

Bus depots need a lot of space, and demand is growing. But there is another way: the Bruchsal-based company Trucktower has developed an innovative solution: compressed and safe parking.
Imagine trucks parked stacked on top of each other, similar to a high-rise building. This is exactly what Trucktower is planning. Company director Felix Hackbarth explains that the principle of automatic parking garages can also be applied to large commercial vehicles. This idea is also suitable for bus depots.
The concept of “ultra-compact parking” uses up to seven levels on top of each other, thus saving valuable floor space. This can be particularly important in densely populated areas. The automated system distributes the centrally parked buses to free parking compartments, which are arranged one above the other. These compartments are designed so that the daily interior cleaning can also take place there.
E-buses can be charged automatically and temperature-controlled at the parking positions. There is a special “emergency compartment” for emergencies. If a fire is indicated, the affected bus is moved there quickly and directly. This special parking position can be flooded in an emergency.
A workshop with maintenance pits could be set up on the first floor of the park towers. An outdoor car wash can also be integrated into the system. The parking concept can be linked to management systems for depots and e-bus operations. This means that the right bus is always available to the driver.
Although there are no initial applications in local transport yet, Trucktower reports increasing interest. The future of bus parking could therefore soon be on the rise.