24.–26.05.2023 #polismobility

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The theme world of the polisMOBILITY

Out and about in the city of tomorrow

Whether big or small - cities are the living space of the future. According to a prognosis by the United Nations, in 2050 almost 70 percent of the world population will live in urbanised spaces. The infrastructural, ecological and economic development of cities is a global future task – also against the background of the progressing climate change.

Sustainability, urbanisation, digitalisation, the transport turnaround, environmental and climate protection - the most pressing issues of the future are also questions about mobility. That is why the manifold themes that are moving us and the people in the cities are omnipresent at polisMOBILITY, consistently brought together and well thought out.

Mobile en route

Mobile en route

The urban mobility of tomorrow is multimodal, digitally networked, sustainable and shared. We unite new technologies, concepts and business models into a new idea of being mobile in urban space.

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Innovative technologies and digital infrastructure

Digitally networked

Mobile communications and 5G, data platforms, artificial intelligence, blockchain: Innovative technologies and digital infrastructures are the basis for a new, urban mobility and the organisation of the urban society.

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New infrastructures for networked mobility


Cities face the challenge of creating new infrastructures for connected mobility. This is precisely where an enormous opportunity lies, because smart charging, intelligent street lamps, traffic lights, parking and traffic guidance systems keep the masses of people and vehicles flowing.

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The city of the future is green

Green city

Renewable energy, alternative drives, electromobility, emission trackers and a sustainable, environmentally-friendly traffic control: The city of the future is green, in its organisation, drive and mobility.

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Contemporary urban development, planning and building

Planning & building

New districts, intermodal mobility and the intelligent joint usage of urban spaces: The city of the future is people-oriented and there for everyone. Quality of life is the guiding principle for contemporary urban development, planning and building.

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Urban life

Urban life

Urban life is always on the move. The diversity of the interests and needs leads to an exchange between people, initiatives and organisations. Everyone benefits from this networking – and they all work together on the city of tomorrow.

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