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Mobility turnaround in North-Rhine Westphalia

Bonn focuses on carsharing

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As part of the mobility turnaround, Bonn is promoting car sharing with 155 vehicles at over 70 locations in public spaces. Three companies are making their cars available and are in the process of filling all parking spaces. Each vehicle has a reserved space, which makes it easier to find a parking space. The city regrets the withdrawal of Miles, a car sharing provider, on February 1, 2024, but is planning further expansion. A new scale of charges for free-floating systems will be introduced to create fair framework conditions. The city administration emphasizes the diversity of car sharing services and points out further options on public streets.

A woman is standing in front of a red car-sharing vehicle and operating her cell phone.

Free-floating as addition to station-based car sharing © Jonas Ginter / cambio

In 2023, a total of 155 station-based car sharing parking spaces were set up at over 70 locations in public spaces in Bonn. Three companies pay fees to the city and make their cars available. They are in the process of gradually filling all parking spaces with vehicles. Each vehicle has a permanently reserved parking space, so there is no need to search for a parking space. There are plans to expand the service further.

In addition, companies in Bonn have the option of offering so-called free-floating systems. Vehicles can be picked up and parked in an area specified by the provider. In Bonn, this is available for e-scooters, scooters and bicycles as well as for car sharing. The city regrets that the car sharing provider Miles will be withdrawing from Bonn on February 1, 2024. However, there are still various other car sharing services in the city. The city continues to focus on expanding car sharing.

At the end of 2023, the city of Bonn, like many other cities, introduced a special usage fee regulation for free-floating systems. The amended special user fee regulations are expected to come into force at the end of February 2024. This is intended to regulate rental mobility with free-floating vehicles on the one hand and create fair framework conditions on the other, as providers of station-based car sharing also have to pay fees to the city.

Rental mobility providers will now be charged a fixed monthly fee per vehicle in the city area (e.g. 88.53 euros/month per car, 6.22 euros/month per e-scooter or 0.49 euros/month per bicycle). In return, providers of free-floating car sharing vehicles are exempt from parking fees. Car sharing cars can also park free of charge in managed mixed-use areas. This makes the costs more predictable for the providers and was also an important concern of the providers in discussions with the city administration.

The city administration has pointed out that in addition to the station-based and free-floating car sharing systems on public streets, there are additional services in Bonn. For this, car sharing organizations have rented private parking spaces for their vehicles.