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Interview on polisMOBILITY with Dr Olga Nevska, CEO Telekom Mobility Solutions

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Dr Olga Nevska describes what Deutsche Telekom has to do with mobility, what role corporate mobility plays in the transport revolution and what she expects from polisMOBILITY.

Dr Olga Nevska, CEO Telekom Mobility Solutions

Dr Olga Nevska, CEO Telekom Mobility Solutions

Dr Nevska, what does Deutsche Telekom have to do with mobility?

Telecommunications is a decisive factor for future mobility. The topic of autonomous driving, for example, is not even conceivable without mobile data, as the necessary data for the vehicles must be made available in real time. It is therefore necessary that traffic planning measures always take into account the corresponding telecommunications facilities.

What role does company mobility play in the transport transition?

About 20 per cent of all newly registered passenger cars in Germany are company cars. Consequently, companies have a considerable influence on CO2 emissions in road traffic. It is therefore important to electrify these fleets. But corporate mobility encompasses more than just "classic" fleet management. Commuting is the biggest polluter on German roads, accounting for almost 70 percent of emissions. Six out of ten employees commute to work, with over half using private cars and only a fifth using public transport. To improve these figures, we are not only investing in decarbonising the fleet, but also in diversifying our offer through sharing and pooling solutions. Digitisation and networking of different means of transport are key to reducing individual traffic on our roads.

What do you expect from polisMOBILITY?

As a Cologne native who works professionally with mobility solutions, polisMOBILITY is of course an indispensable event for me! Last year I was lucky enough to be there as a speaker. This year, I am very much looking forward to participating as a juror in the startupPITCH. Startups play a crucial role in shaping future mobility. Digital transformation is turning many traditional business models upside down. And startups, through their disruptive self-image, have the opportunity to help corporates leave their comfort zone and act faster. I am very excited about the innovative ideas and business models we will see at the event.

Dr Olga Nevska is

Managing Director of Telekom MobilitySolutions and Member of the Board of Directors at T-Mobile Czech Republic. Originally from Ukraine, Olga holds a doctorate in economics and law from the Free University of Berlin and joined Deutsche Telekom in 2009. Olga stands for digitalisation as an enabler for connected, sustainable and demand-driven mobility and is responsible for the transformation of one of Germany's largest corporate fleets into an innovative mobility provider. She is a guest lecturer at the Institute for Mobility at the University of St. Gallen and was named one of the 100 Women Advancing Germany by Handelsblatt.


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